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Technical library

The Megger technical library provides access to a range of additional content and resources such as technical guides, application notes and more. Use the filters to browse specific content (e.g. application notes) or refine your search to a particular electrical application area. 


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CABA Win - PC software
PC software for Circuit breaker analysis 
Published: 26 March 2020
TM1700 firmware
This firmware is applicable for all TM1700 models
Published: 26 March 2020
Electrical Tester Magazine - March 2020
Explore our first issue of ET magazine, online. Inside you’ll find our feature article that discusses the coordinated efforts that will be required to successfully merge the electrified transportation sector with the electric utility sector, sharing the latest thinking, research and challenges ahead. Transformer testers/engineers will appreciate learning how several variables may unknowingly affect your TTR test results. A bird’s-eye view of the rise of transformer electrical, dielectric testing provides an overview of the tests necessary to fully assess a transformer’s dielectric health. As a necessary test to detect inter-turn insulation breakdown – one of the most common early initiators of motor faults, Motor insulation test voltages: How high is too high? dispels myths surrounding surge testing. The missing link in motor condition monitoring makes the case for electrical tests as vital requirements for achieving plant reliability – not just tests that detect mechanical problems. Andrea Bonetti explains ROCOF protection and how to test it. He also fields some of the most frequent questions he gets asked about IEC61850 in ET’s Q&A section. DC testing of vacuum integrity in MV switchgear explains the advantage of using DC over AC to test vacuum and the importance of the ‘DC’ your test instrument delivers. Marius Averitai discusses the choice of using primary or secondary injection to test a relay protection system; why, in many cases, primary injection is better; and important features in a primary injection test set. Read about a more effective approach for detecting ground/earth faults in TT distribution systems and more… 
Published: 18 March 2020
MOM2 Win
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Published: 17 March 2020
BITE2 Terminal Impedance Mode
The NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) now requires that the contact re­sistance from the charger connections to the battery terminals are measured. The BITE2 saves measurement data in cell strap combina­tions. When starting a test the BITE2 will prompt you to measure Cell 1. Starting on cell 1 does not allow for the measurement of the positive charger connection to the terminal. 
Published: 16 March 2020
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PowerDB auto limits
Power DB can now automatically set your battery limits based on the type of battery being tested. Simply select the battery type and let Power DB set the limits.
Published: 24 February 2020
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TTRU3 Calibration verification
When performing calibration verification of the TTRU3, the following factors need to be considered to achieve accurate measurements and prevent damage to your calibration fixture or TTRU3.
Published: 20 February 2020
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TTRU3 2.2.4
TTRU3 Software
Published: 17 February 2020
UPS noise detection using BITE3 and MPQ1000
Not all product demonstrations go as planned. Unforeseen problems can arise, causing the demonstration to go awry. We can either accept this as a failure or use it to create an opportunity. 
Published: 5 February 2020
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MeggerBook Cable & MeggerBook Report Edition
MeggerBook Cable & Report Edition
Published: 4 February 2020
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