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Oden System Configuration
Depending on the ODEN configuration, different max current/voltages output levels are possible. In total there are 46 ODEN combinations. This application note focuses on two different application examples of an ODEN setup. Test of Current Transformers and Low Voltage Breakers.
Published: 16 January 2023
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Check of impedance with ODEN or INGVAR
Estimating a load is important when setting up a system to test for example a low voltage breaker or anything else that may require a high current and high comply voltage. This application note guides you through how to determine the total load and from there determine an appropriate system configuration for the ODEN or INGVAR system.
Published: 9 January 2023
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Software download files for TORKEL900
Published: 16 December 2022
TRAX Software
TRAX Software
Published: 15 December 2022
Software download files for Frax
Published: 8 December 2022
Electrical Tester - November 2022
Read our fourth issue of ET Magazine! This issue is filled to the brim with informative and educational articles, including our feature article highlighting how DC power has become an integral factor in our evolving relationship with electricity, and how it’s helping us realise the next steps in our complex and ongoing journey with electrification.Additionally in this issue, we look into aspects of IEC 61850, give you a global view of power transformer technology, and give you advice for recruiting engineers in the power system protection community. But that’s not all as this issue has over 20 articles in it, spanning a huge range of industry topics. Highlights include an article looking at reindeer and sustainability, an article looking at how a local community managed to preserve Tesla’s last remaining lab, and an article looking at stray currents in water pipes in a reverse osmosis plant.As always, we have our Geek Challenge to test your knowledge as well as some great reading suggestions from our Book Club and some industry news to keep you informed.
Published: 5 December 2022
Battery inter-cell measurement resolution
There are many types of battery testers available today with different capabilities for varying applications. For industrial standby battery testers used in maintenance programs, it is important to pay attention to the actual capabilities of the testers and not just the claims that are made about them.
Published: 17 November 2022
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Case Study: Online Testing of Energy Storage Module using BITE5
A Telecommunication company in Cambodia is having difficulty in testing their sets of batteries which are in parallel connection. These batteries are being used in a data centre application called Energy Storage Module (ESM).
Published: 16 November 2022
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Cannot load software on Windows 11
When attempting to load a third-party software on a Windows operating system, the installation application does not start, and the software does not install.
Published: 8 November 2022
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1 Hz dissipation factor – The new trend for insulation condition assessment
Traditional field-testing practices eval- uate the average insulation condition of high voltage (HV) substation equipment by measuring line frequency (50/60 Hz) dissipation factor (DF) (or power factor (PF)), which represent the dielectric losses of the system. The DF (or PF) test result is frequency and temperature-dependent. Other factors, such as geometrical design, aging, moisture, and contamination, will also influence the measured values.
Published: 24 October 2022
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