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Technical library

The Megger technical library provides access to a range of additional content and resources such as technical guides, application notes and more. Use the filters to browse specific content (e.g. application notes) or refine your search to a particular electrical application area. 


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UK electrical contractor catalogue 2016-17
A 44 page catalogue detailing the Megger products design for contractors working on low voltage systems
Published: 20 June 2017
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A Stitch in time
A complete guide to electrical insulation testing
Published: 19 June 2017
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Offline PD diagnostics using several excitation voltages
Diagnostics on both MV and HV cables is used as part of commissioning tests to check the quality of workmanship of newly installed cables and accessories. This paper goes into detail to all available excitation voltages for offline PD diagnostics.
Published: 1 June 2017
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Best practices for offline diagnosis of medium voltage cables
The continuously increasing installation complexity for medium voltage power cables, results in many weak spots and therewith cable failures due to bad workmanship. This is mainly caused by the large variety of cable accessories as well as the reduction in insulation thickness and therewith in the margin of error throughout the entire cable installation process. The necessity for both commissioning testing of new cables as well as diagnostic measurements as part of a condition based maintenance is just a logical given fact. Nowadays cable testing as well as condition monitoring are well proven measurement methods for MV power cables which are guided by IEEE 400 [1] and IEC 60502-2 [2] standards.
Published: 1 June 2017
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UHF PD-Diagnosis at high voltage cable terminations – International case studies
Different partial discharge defects show a different distribution in the frequency spectrum. These typical characteristics could be used in combination with the appropriate phase resolved partial discharge pattern for the analysis of partial discharge defects. The classification of the partial discharges allows an assessment of the defects in terms of its criticality.
Published: 1 June 2017
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Individual temperature correction (ITC) for insulation resistance measurements
The value of insulation resistance (IR) is strongly affected by the temperature of the material. However, in most cases IR measurements are done at the operating temperature of the given device. For this reason temperature correction is required to ensure that meaningful conclusions can be drawn from the measured values of IR
Published: 31 May 2017
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Oil Tan Delta: concepts, standards and testing
An application note that looks at testing insulating oil.
Published: 25 May 2017
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Megger PQ PC Software for MPQ Series PQ Analyzers
Download this installation package to load new MPQ software on your Computer.
Published: 10 May 2017
Megger PQ Firmware for MPQ Series PQ Analysers
Here you will find Firmware to be loaded into the MPQ1000 and MPQ2000 Analysers. The current update file contains the update, specific instructions for the MPQ1000 and specific instructions for the MPQ2000. Download the zip file and directly unzip it to a Clean Thumb drive. The update is less than 10 MB.
Published: 10 May 2017
Quick reference catalogue of Megger products
A catalogue, for quick reference, of the range of Megger test instruments for the maintenance of electrical power systems
Published: 9 May 2017
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