Frequently asked questions
PowerSuite software

PowerSuite software

  • How can I find the version number of my PowerSuite?
    If PowerSuite is installed you can find the version number by going to Help and then About.
  • Can I create additional users?

    Yes, if you navigate to ‘Settings’ then ‘Preferences’, under the security section of the general tab you can add new users, change their user level and assign a password if required.

  • Does PowerSuite work on a mac?

    Unfortunately the Megger PowerSuite software is not compatible with Apple Mac products.

  • How can I add a password to PowerSuite?

    To add a password to your PowerSuite software navigate to ‘Settings’ then ‘Preferences’ and under the Security section select your User ID,  you can then adjust your user level and add a password.

  • With the PowerSuite software navigate to ‘Settings’ then ‘Preferences’ and click ‘Browse’ to search for your company logo.

  • How can I change the next certificate number used?

    In order to change your next certificate numbers go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Preferences’ followed by selecting the ‘Certificate Manager’ tab. Here you can set the next certificate number for all your certificates.

  • How can I create a backup of the PowerSuite software?

    To create a backup of your database you will need to copy and paste your ‘Data’ folder. This can be found in one of the following locations depending on OS:

    Windows XP: 

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Megger Limited\PowerSuite Professional

    Windows Vista, 7 and 8: 

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Megger Limited\PowerSuite Professional

  • How can I edit a contact in the contact list?

    In order to edit a contact simply right click the contact and select ‘edit company’, ‘edit client’, or ‘edit location’.

  • How can I email a certificate to a client?

    To email a certificate we would recommend printing the certificate as a PDF and then emailing the PDF. If you do not have a PDF printer it is possible to download free PDF printers from the internet.

  • How can I find my serial number?

    There are a few places where you can find your PowerSuite serial number, they are:

    1. On your PowerSuite registration card.
    2. Within the software under ‘Help’ then ‘About’.
    3. A file called ‘ps32reg.exe’ which can be found in the following location:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Megger Limited\ PowerSuite Professional

  • How do I create a certificate?
    There are two ways you can create a certificate, you can either use the Certificate Wizard or use ‘Certificate Manager’ to select your certificate type and template.
  • How do I download from a PAT4 to PowerSuite?

    A download guide can be found by clicking the following link

  • How do I download from a PAT400 series tester?

    A download guide for the PAT400 series can be downloaded from here.

  • How do I download from an MFT1730?

    A download guide for the MFT1730 can obtained from the following download link.

  • How do I pair my MFT1730?

    A pairing guide can be downloaded from the following links:

  • How do I upload to PAT4 from PowerSuite?

    An upload guide can be found by clicking the following link

  • How do I upload to PAT400 from PowerSuite?

    An upload guide can be found by clicking the following link

  • My NICEIC certificate is only printing out the text/numbers and not printing the background

    This is when a Computer Friendly (CF) certificate has been created and not a Plain Paper (PP) one. Computer friendly certificates are used when you have pre printed templates bought from the NIC. Plain paper certificates simply print the whole certificate on to plain paper.

  • My PAT4 won’t download

    There may be a few reasons for your PAT4 not downloading, these include:

    1. COM port set incorrectly; make sure that the COM port in the PAT4 properties within Download Manager matches the COM port number found in device manager under ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’.
    2. An incorrect serial cable is being used; make sure you are using the cross over serial cable that came with the PAT tester.
    3. The RS232 to USB adaptor you are using is not compatible with your operating system. Check the specification of the adaptor.
  • What do the codes represent for the NICEIC certificates?

    An NICEIC A1 Certificate abbreviation reference list can be downloaded from the following link

  • What is the default user name and password?
    The default username on a new install will be "supervisor" there is no password by default.
  • What is the minimum version number I will need for compatibility

    Compatible with

    Minimum version

    Windows Vista


    Windows 7


    64bit OS






  • What version of PowerSuite do I need?

    There are four main builds of the PowerSuite software, click the following link to download a datasheet which contains information on each version.

    What version of PowerSuite do I need?

  • When I open download manager it asks “Set CSV Viewer as default association?” what does this mean?

    CSV viewer is a programme built into Download Manager that is used to view your downloaded results. If you do not use CSV files for anything else other than downloading from your tester then we would suggest saying ‘Yes’ to this prompt.

  • When I try and update is says “error occurred in the move data process” what does this mean?

    The cause of this error is usually down to PowerSuite still running in the background or a third party piece of software blocking the installation.

  • When I try to start PowerSuite it says “data registry is read only” what does this mean?

    This error is usually caused by user permissions. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator if this is the first time installing the software.  If you have been able to use the software in the past then it’s possible your user permissions have been changed.