Flagship system for state-of-the-art cable fault location, cable testing and cable diagnostics

Product Documents
  • State-of-the-art fault location system with options for the functional integration of Very Low Frequency (VLF) testing, Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostics and Tan Delta measurement
  • Centrally controlled: One single control unit for all operating modes and all system functions
  • Fully automated:  Automatic switching in all operating modes via motorised switches
  • Great user convenience: Operation entirely by Multi-touch with Smartphone-inspired touchscreen gestures; Pull-through sequence guiding users through fault location; Integrated data management with MeggerBook 3 database and reporting software
  • Equipped with technologies for identifying, prelocating, pinpointing and converting cable faults; Suitable for main insulation faults and sheath faults; Handles MV cables, LV cables as well as HV cables to a certain extent
  • Comes with Teleflex® RDR,cable radar/TDR technology
  • Comes with HV prelocation methods ARM, ARM Conditioning, ICE and Decay
  • Available HV setups: 80 kV DC, either single phase or three phase
  • Available with automated resonance burn-down unit for fault conversion, ARM Live Burning for prelocation, and surge energies of up to 4,000 J for pinpointing (thumping)
  • Available with VLF sinewave units, internal Tan Delta measurement, and sinewave-PD diagnostics
  • Available with high standard-compliant VLF test capacity and technologies for near line frequency PD diagnostics on 36 kV cables, including PD-monitored withstand testing: VLF CR, DAC and Slope up to 60 kV RMS

The Centrix was originally introduced in 2006, and with well over 1,000 units delivered to customers all around the globe since then, it is the most successful test van system in the market. Now, Evolution is the latest iteration of the Centrix and redefines the state-of-the-art in cable fault location and in cable testing and diagnostics. While the all-new software interface provides a never seen before user convenience and clarity, radar/TDR and HV capabilities have been upgraded as well. The Centrix Evolution is equipped with a Teleflex® RDR, the most capable cable radar technology in the market. Options for resonance burning, ARM Live Burning, and pinpointing with 4,000 J allow for even more versatility in the field. In terms of cable testing and cable diagnostics, the Centrix Evolution offers a variety of solutions, reaching from pure sinewave units as competitive entry level options to high power VLF units as well as PD diagnostics with the superior near-line-frequency technologies DAC and Slope. With its comprehensive safety concept and live status monitoring the Centrix Evolutions remains the safest vehicle-installed system in the market.