TF3 series

Separation filterfor connecting TDRs to live low-voltage cables

Product Documents
  • Maximum safety
  • Simple to use
  • No distortion of measurement 

The TF 3 range of separation filters are used along with reflectometers (TDR = Time Domain Reflectometer) to carry out measurements on live low-voltage cables. This enables intermittent cable faults, like flickering lights, to be located. Measurements can be carried out without disrupting the power supply of customers, and illegally installed branches (T-joints) can be identified. The use of measuring devices on live networks requires constructional safety measures and a corresponding label. These are defined by the engineering standard VDE 0411 / IEC 61010 and divided into the categories of CAT 1 to CAT 4. All TF 3 filters meet the CAT IV/600 V requirements and, as such, can be used without restriction in low voltage networks.