Teleflex VX


  • Bright and large display
  • Easiest operation via self guiding and explaining menus
  • ARM multi-shot technology
  • Automatic storage of all results
  • Supports all existing prelocation technologies
  • Automatic detection and display of cable end and fault position

The Teleflex VX reflectometer is the latest development in the Teleflex series. Like all Teleflex reflectometers, the Teleflex VX is specially designed to capture fast processes during the fault location of power cables. The instrument is simple to operate, and runs mostly automatically. The new hardware of the Teleflex VX has significantly improved parameters, for example, sampling frequency, pulse width, and pulse amplitude results in ranges of up to 1000 km, but it also has high resolution in the close range.

Measuring hardware and display are separated and communicate via Ethernet. This allows for easy integration into a fault location system and allows it to be operate in offshore applications, for example, in the remote operation in ROVs.

Technical Documents
Technical guide
MeggerBook Cable Brochure
MeggerBook Cable & MeggerBook Report Edition
MeggerBook Report Edition Quick Guide
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MeggerBook Cable & MeggerBook Report Edition Software
The setup file below is suitable for the installation of both MeggerBook Cable (full version) and MeggerBook Report Edition (free limited version).
When started with a suitable license dongle plugged into the installation PC, the software starts as MeggerBook Cable which allows for easy and comprehensive data evaluation, data archiving, cable management and report creation. A personal quotation for a certain number of licenses can be requested here .
Without the required dongle the software starts as MeggerBook Report Edition which allows for seamless report creation and offers the same features as the full version while limiting the data storage options as follows:

•  Measurements, analyses and reports are not permanently stored in the database

•  While cable import and storage are not limited, a maximum of 5 cables can be created using the cable editor  of the Report Edition


At this time, the software can handle the measurement and test data of the following Megger devices:


Test vans:            Centrix, Centrix City, Compact City, R30, Variant

Test systems:     VLF Sine Wave 45 / 62, VLF CR 40/60, TDS 40/60

TDRs:                     Teleflex VX(-P), Teleflex SX


Note for test systems VLF Sine Wave 45 and VLF Sine Wave 62:


Data of these test systems can only be imported into the software, if the test systems is equipped with firmware version 3.14 or higher. The latest firmware can be found here (VLF Sine Wave 45) and here (VLF Sine Wave 62).
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