True three-phase transformer turns ratio tester

  • Guaranteed accuracy ±0.05 % from -20 °C to +50 °C
  • Three-phase test voltage - up to 25 0V
  • Three-phase step up ratio (patent pending)
  • Phase shifting and zigzag transformers tested easily and accurately
  • Smallest/lightest three-phase test set on the market
  • Fast three-phase tests - less than 10 seconds

Megger’s TTRU3 transformer turns ratio tester is a revolutionary instrument designed to perform three-phase turns ratio measurements using step-up excitation (patent pending). A single three-phase lead-set connection is all that is required to complete three-phase tests in less than 10 seconds!

The TTRU3 is capable of three-phase excitation and can induce up to 250 V on the primary winding, overcoming the voltage dependence seen on larger transformers. The three-phase source also allows you to test phase shifting and zigzag transformers, and provides you with a guaranteed accuracy of ±0.05 % from -20 °C to +50 °C.

What’s more, the TTRU3 can be connected to a computer, enabling you to download results or control the instrument remotely. There is also an optional 2 inch printer for the instrument, enabling you to have a hard copy of your results if required.

You can also configure test plans and store results directly on the TTRU3 using the built-in 7 inch (18 cm) daylight-viewable touch screen display. To generate reports, results can be downloaded in Excel, and PDF files can be saved to a USB drive. 

Last but not least, it’s also the smallest and lightest three-phase test set on the market!

Step up your transformer testing with TTRU3

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TTRU3 3.2.1

To upgrade from 2.2.4 to 3.x.x, the TTRU3 must be returned to a factory or ASC.

TTRU3 Embedded Software

** Once downloaded, the zip file must be extracted before copying the .mender file to the root of a thumb drive **
235.9 MB | 20/06/22
TTRU3 PC Software
32.1 MB | 20/06/22
TTRU3 Release Notes
380.1 KB | 20/06/22
TTRU3 2.2.4
TTRU3 Release Notes
186.3 KB | 05/04/22
TTRU3 PC Software
42.0 MB | 05/04/22
TTRU3 Embedded Software
** Once downloaded, the zip file must be extracted before copying the .gz file to the root of a thumb drive **
87.8 MB | 05/04/22