Resistance, battery and power quality

Utility service and leak detection

Resistance, battery and power quality

Robust equipment for resistance, continuity and power quality testing

Many agree that attention to detail is the key to success and when one is dealing with an entity as vast and as critical to the sustainment of modern-day life as the electric power grid, its peripheral aspects (a.k.a., details) are hardly incidental. Tending to the various intricacies and derivatives of this so-known “largest interconnected machine on Earth” is an extremely important facet of its wellbeing and efficiency and critical towards preservation of the safety, expectations, and happiness of its energy consumers.

Examples of details to which attention must be paid are:

  • battery assessment to guarantee continuity of supply
  • earth resistance testing to check, for example, the earthing systems of solar and wind energy schemes
  • continuity (or low resistance) testing to prevent overheating, energy loss, and failure
  • power quality assessment for the proper operation and efficiency of customer load and/or processes
  • and meter testing

Megger offers a range of test instruments with which to make complete assessments in each of these areas. Precision, safety and reliability are hallmarks that unify these, and all, Megger test products. These test sets are robust and work wherever you are – even in the harshest environments – and whenever you need them. Further, because it is easy to become “bogged down in details”, these test instruments are designed to boost efficiency and productivity to make simplest, shortest, and successful work for you.