Electricians' testers
Multimeters and clampmeters

Multimeters and clampmeters

Multimeters and clampmeters


The complete range of analog, digital and analog/digital multimeters provide the solution to electrical and electronic fault finding and testing.

The Megger series of hand-held multimeters combine ruggedness, reliability, accuracy and ease of use with highly competitive prices. These robust instruments are not only suitable for general purposes use, but also operate in harsh environments; watertight seals at the rotary switch, input terminals and seams keep out dust, dirt and moisture.


The Megger range of clampmeters are an invaluable tool; since there is no need to switch off or break the circuit. They offer a safe, non-intrusive way of diagnosing faults on live electrical circuits.

Solar PV testers

Megger now offers a compact, purpose designed irradiance meter which is available on its own, or in kit form which gives a choice of multimeter or DC current clampmeter, test leads and adaptors to assist in certification of solar panels.

All the equipment has been developed and manufactured for easy of use, application versatility, flexibility and with the goal of producing accurate instruments.