Electric vehicle charger checker

  • Checks mode 2 and single-phase mode 3 (level 1 and two phase level 2) chargers
  • Checks chargers with SAE J1772 Type 1 and Type 2 connectors
  • Performs four EV charger safety checks
  • Performs four EV charger operation checks
  • Checks to see if nuisance tripping or RCD/GFCI is likely to occur
  • Reads control pilot state response from EV Charger to IEC61852-1

The new EVCC300 introduces a new and convenient way of checking electric vehicle (EV) charge points. A simple all in one concept provides an easy to use solution to check both the safety and operation of mode 2 and single phase mode 3 (level 1 and two phase level 2) EV chargers. The instrument is ideal for those wishing to perform a fault finding check on an EV charger following manufacture or repair, or just part of a maintenance schedule/inspection.

NOTE: This product is a checking device that can be used to check the safety and operation of EV charger points. It is not intended to be used to certify installations. For installation inspection and certification please see the EVCA210 test adaptor.

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