Circuit breaker test equipment
Circuit breaker analysis systems
Circuit breaker analysis systems

When a fault such as a short circuit or current overload is detected by a protective relay, a trip impulse is sent to the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker must function as specified and interrupt the current as soon as possible or severe damage may occur. The damage caused by a malfunctioning circuit breaker can often be catastrophic, resulting in significant damage to the electrical system.

Given that circuit breakers may be inactive for months or even years prior to a fault, a regime of circuit breaker testing is an important safety factor. Proper functionality of a breaker is reliant on a number of individual components that have to be calibrated and tested at regular intervals to ensure the complete and successful breaking of the circuit when triggered. Poorly maintained circuit breakers may not activate after receiving the trigger signal sent by the protective.

Circuit breaker tester selection is a complex process as the tests vary between each type of circuit breaker. Megger is happy to help you select the right product to meet your circuit breaker testing requirements. Please call our Technical Support Group who are waiting to assist you.