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Cable fault locating equipment
Cable fault location systems

Cable fault location systems

The cable fault location process has multiple steps and it’s vital that it’s completed as quickly and safely as possible to minimise the time that customers are without supply. We manufacture a wide range of fault location instruments that have been developed to be easy to use.

Several very popular Megger cable fault locator products, utilise the “E-Tray” interface. This interface is easy to operate, train on, and remember how to use. The EZ Thump is particularly popular for its simplicity and portability. The E-Tray is uniquely capable of accessing and operating every function via an intuitive user interface without the need for the user to make any adjustments, as the software highlights each progressive step

With a wide range of differing working voltages worldwide and varying lengths of cables including long submarine routes, our range of testing equipment has been developed to address the markets need for flexible testing. The output voltages and powers available means that limitations based on testing conditions are reduced.   

Why buy from Megger?


Megger is the pioneer of many revolutionary cable testing methods, which make the ability to test very long cable lengths an everyday practicality. Megger has been the leader of testing and measuring for a 100 years and our SebaKMT brand has over 60 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing dedicated cable test and diagnostic equipment.
From the most compact reflectometers (TDR) up to the highly customised cable test vans built to individual customer specifications, we offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio for every imaginable problem.