Smart Thump ST25-30

Portable/vehicle mount cable fault location system

  • Delivers 1600 J at 12.5/25 kV
  • 30 kV DC high voltage proof/burn and displays insulation resistance
  • E-Tray automatic test sequence to proof test, prelocate, and pinpoint
  • ARC reflection MV cable prelocation
  • ICE MV cable pre-location
  • Multi-shot technology for ARM*
  • Earth gradient LV fault locating and sheath fault locating
  • Interprets test results for user
  • 7.0 in HiBrite colour display
  • IP53 rating for wet environments
  • Safety/grounding check
  • USB interface

The Smart Thump ST25-30 portable cable fault locating system is a safe, efficient, and extremely easy-to-use solution for quickly identifying, pre-locating, and pinpointing a range of different types of cable faults in power cables.

The ST25-30 has been developed to meet the requirements for typical medium voltage distribution cable fault location markets from 11 to 35 kV system voltage and incorporates “E-Tray” technology, an automatic test sequence that helps proof test, pre-locate, and pinpoint faults, and that has been used in multiple other Megger products with great success.