Portable Power Quality Analyzer

  • Power off Phase A or auxiliary, allowing it to be used anywhere
  • Weather proof to NEMA 4 standard for use in any environment
  • Auto CT identifies the current that the instrument is connected to and the range that it is in
  • Configuration verification which highlights if the product has been connected incorrectly
  • On-board data analysis which can compare results against compliance standards, including setting templates for internal company standards

The MPQ2000 portable power quality analyser has features which make it ideal for testing power quality in any environment, including rugged, weatherproof hardware, and the ability to power off Phase A or auxiliary power. 

But the hardware is not all it’s about – behind the sturdy exterior is an intelligence that is focused on minimizing errors and making your testing more efficient, with industry-leading software that enables you to quickly and easily analyse your results.

Product Documents
Quick start
Quick guide - MPQ2000
Quick start
Quick start guide - MPQ2000
Technical Documents
Technical guide
35829 CT Adapter
Technical guide
Technical guide
Configuring an Inrush Test
Technical guide
Data Analysis
Technical guide
Determining harmonic direction
Technical guide
Enabling Additional Channels
Technical guide
Fast Transient
Technical guide
Mains Signalling
Technical guide
Merging MPQ Data Files
Technical guide
Motor Analysis with the MPQ Analyser
Technical guide
MPQ2000 Common Connections
Technical guide
MPQ2000 - Monitoring a TT grounded system
Technical guide
Pumping Station Motor Analysis
Technical guide
A guide to power quality testing
Technical guide
Approved SD Cards for the MPQ Series
Technical guide
Class A recording
Technical guide
Common PQ issues: transients
Technical guide
Common PQ issues: voltage dips and swells
Technical guide
Configuring the MPQ2000 for troubleshooting
Technical guide
Demand Power and Energy (Part 1)
Technical guide
EN50160 Report
Technical guide
Introduction to harmonics
Technical guide
Measuring current on a CT secondary circuit
Technical guide
MPQ operation with a wireless bridge
Technical guide
PQ influences on telecommunications
Technical guide
Rapid Voltage Change (RVC)
Technical guide
Renaming test files on the MPQ units
Technical guide
Scheduled run - MPQ series of power quality analysers
Technical guide
Solar Energy - Part 1 of 3: An overview of PQ Issues
Technical guide
Solar Energy - Part 2 of 3: Programming a PQ Analyser
Technical guide
Solar Energy - Part 3 of 3: Analysing Solar PQ Data
Technical guide
Total Demand Distortion (TDD)
Technical guide
Transferring data from the MPQ to the PC
Megger PQ Firmware for MPQ Series PQ Analysers

Here you will find Firmware to be loaded into the MPQ1000 and MPQ2000 analysers.

WARNING: There are 2 release packages. Each one function only with its proper main board. Check the OS revision in the OS field of the HELP screen of the MPQ analyzer. (Press the HELP “?” key to view the HELP screen)

If the OS is or lower, use MPQ_HW_UpdateInst_OLD_1.0.17.exe, otherwise use MPQ_HW_UpdateInst_NEW_1.0.17.exe. 
  • MPQ_HW_UpdateInst_OLD_1.0.17.exe only functions with older main board revisions.
  • MPQ_HW_UpdateInst_NEW_1.0.17.exe functions only with new revision main boards.  

NOTE: If the wrong firmware version is installed text on the display will be orientated in the wrong direction. If this does happen simply install the other firmware package.

Download and extract the proper zip file to a clean (empty) thumb drive. 

This firmware adds the following functionality to both the MPQ1000 and MPQ2000. 

  • Add more record intervals to the setup file.
  • Power summation totals in record and DMM screens.
  • Restored Auto Feature lost in Version 1.0.16 installer packages.

The current update files and the specific instructions for updating the MPQ1000 and MPQ2000 can be found below.

Firmware Update 2019.06.14 (A)
9.4 MB | 17/06/19
Firmware Update 2019.06.14 (B)
9.4 MB | 17/06/19
Download Firmware to USB Stick

Instructions on how to download firmware to a USB stick for MPQ installation

170.7 KB | 10/06/19
MPQ New Main Board Firmware installation instructions
157.8 KB | 05/06/19
MPQ Old Main Board Firmware installation instructions
157.8 KB | 05/06/19
Megger PQ PC Software for MPQ Series PQ Analyzers

Software Version:

Unzip the file and execute the Installer file Megger_Multi-Language_2.5.2.1.exe

The installer will over write any previous install and clean up any files no longer needed.

The files will be loaded to the Megger installation folder.

This software version adds the following functionality.

  1. Added CBEMA Chart
  2. Added Data Analysis Report
  3. Added Data File Merge
  4. Added Renaming of data files
  5. Added 208V and 277V to declared voltage selections
  6. Update waveform post triggers up to 600 cycles
  7. Updated Czech translations
  8. Added CT Range to Summary and Setup Report
  9. Fixed PQ Timed Waveform Analysis error message bug. 
  10. Fixed bug in power harmnonic analysis. Can now select any waveform cycle.
Link User guide - Megger power quality software
1.9 MB | 19/11/19
Link MPQ Software Download for PC
21.8 MB | 05/06/19