HV Tester 25 kV and 25 kV Digital

Portable high voltage generator

  • DC and insulation testing of cables, joints, electrical fixtures, etc.
  • High flexibility, thanks to built-in battery
  • Internal discharge facility
  • Available with analogue or digital metering
  • Built-in timer (1 to 30 min)

The HV Tester 25 kV and 25 kV Digital are portable high voltage generators with a variable negative DC output voltage of 0 to 25 kV. They are robust, lightweight, compact and and easy to use. Due to their small size and internal battery, these test systems are ideal for test conditions where no external power supply is available. Capacitive loads, such as shielded cables, are safely and automatically discharged in the case of a breakdown and at the end of testing via the internal discharge facility. Standard HV tester 25 kV comes with analogue meters, additionally Megger offers the HV tester 25 kV with digital metering which allows a more precise reading of the current and setting of the voltage.

These instruments are ideal for testing paper-insulated/mass-impregnated cables according to IEEE 400-2012 and IEC 60060-3, testing electrical equipment according to IEEE 62.1 and IEEE 95, and testing cable sheaths/outer jackets according to IEC 60502/IEC 60229.