Phase verification system

  • Phase identification at all voltage levels in real time
  • GPS connection and GPS cache (1 h buffer)
  • Measurement on LV, HV, and capacitive test points
  • Easy to operate via touch display
  • Eliminates safety hazards
  • Fast and precise phase identification saves time and money

The PVS100i phase verification system is there to help you, whether you are restructuring a network, planning new network systems, or performing switching operations. Precise phase identification is essential for the safe and reliable operation of a network and the PVS 100i can assist you at all voltage levels by checking the phase quickly, easily, and accurately. It also helps you to avoid faulty switching, eliminates safety risks, reduces operation expenses, prevents a one-sided load of the network, and improves the overall service.

PVS100i firmware
600.8 KB | 01/03/22