High voltage discharge rod

Product Documents
  • Complies with EN 50191, EN 61230, and EN 61219
  • Versions for 35 kV to 150 kV available
  • Discharge resistors ensure damped discharge
  • Choice of 6 versions of discharge rod for different voltages

The EST high voltage discharge rod has been designed for the safe discharging and earthing/grounding of high voltage cables and test units and is perfect for damped discharge and direct, visible earthing/grounding. It's tip houses a live conductor and the rod features a discharge resistor that limits the discharge current and ensures a damped discharge. The rod is able to eliminate a post charging effect by almost instantly removing the cable charge. 

The discharge rods are made of GFK (fibre glass strengthened plastic), come with a handle, and have a conservatively rated clearance against physical contact with high voltage. You also have 6 versions of the discharge rod to choose from for different voltages, resistances, and lengths.