IET ACDC 2017 conference

IET ACDC 2017 conference


New technologies have developed with potential to give benefit to asset managers and system operators, particularly with regards to high voltage transmission. ACDC 2017 will examine key developments, including:

  • Growth in offshore generation 

  • Vast distance transmission requirements 

  • Improvements in the reliability and efficiency of aging grid systems

There have also been changes in the marketplace, with further de-regulation and the growth of merchant transmission schemes, not to mention investment in the billions of pounds and increasing, as the need to transmit power from renewable sources is ever more pressing.

ACDC 2017 will look closely at the importance of renewable energy:

The impact of wider implementation of renewable technologies on network development

The increasing need to transmit power over longer distances, including cross-country border/ grid transmission.

The conference takes place at the Midland Hotel, Manchester.

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The Midland Hotel Manchester

14 February 2017 - 16 February 2017