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October 2008
Beyond the voltage curve

Beyond the voltage curve

15 October 2008

Klas Bjorck - Product manager

The Programma Torkel is a Battery Load Unit. It will test the capacity of the battery bank. You can use the Torkel in Stand-Alone Mode or use it with a PC via Torkel Win Software. When you install Torkel Win, it will automatically choose the destination folder, but you can choose to install it into another sub-folder if you so desire.

HOWEVER, please make a note as to where you install Torkel Win as you will need to copy the Software Key into that folder in order to make it work with the Torkel. The key should come on a separate disk when the customer buys the software. It is a software key and not a physical hardware key.
When you start Torkel Win, it will prompt you for

the serial port where the Torkel is attached If you are not sure which com port is correct, then navigate to your Device Manager and look at

the available com ports, as seen below Torkel will communicate using the standard com port settings and you should have reliable communications using either 9600 or 19200 BAUD.

Once installed, you will see a dialog box similar to this one when you start Torkel Win. The customer specific dialog box will have the customer name and will not say Demonstration.

Once connected, then you will get a Torkel Main

screen similar to this one.
Everything should work according to the Manual.

Potential Problem to be aware of

The only cautionary note here is; do not pull the serial cable out without first stopping the test and stopping Torkel Win. If you pull the cable out, then Torkel will lock the Serial Port and you will not be able to re-connect until you pull the power cord out of the Torkel.