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November 2008
Pax joins Megger Group to expand transformer test product line

Pax joins Megger Group to expand transformer test product line

01 November 2008

Dr Andrew Dodds - Director of group development

Megger Group has announced that it has acquired Pax Diagnostics of Sweden. Pax transformer testing and insulation diagnostics products will be a strong addition to the Megger range of test instruments for the power industry. The products will be rebranded to Megger, although the IDAX and FRAX product names will be retained. Customers can continue to buy Pax products through existing distributors. All former Pax employees have transferred to Megger, and customers can continue to deal with their usual contacts.
Industrial Logic
The Pax line of dielectric frequency response analysers and sweep frequency analysis products are complementary to Megger’s existing line of transformer test equipment such as transformer ohmmeters, transformer turns ratio meters and insulation testers. While Megger is investing heavily in its existing technology, the Pax product line was seen as a way to accelerate the company’s growth, and give customers access to advanced diagnostic conditioning technology as well as the test products. Combining the two technological bases not only gives customers access to a complete line of transformer conditioning and maintenance testing equipment, but also helps accelerate Megger’s growth plans.
Dielectric Frequency Response Analyzers
The IDAX range of Dielectric Frequency Response Analyzers is designed for measuring moisture in power transformers as well as testing insulation material in various power system products. The IDAX300 represents the latest generation in the well-known IDA/IDAX range ofinstruments and represents a breakthrough in terms of weight-performance ratio. With its optimized design the test set is three times smaller and lighter and performs insulation characterization twice as fast as its predecessor IDA200.
Sweep Frequency Analysis products
 The FRAX range of Sweep Frequency Analysis products is designed for detecting electromechanical changes inside power transformers. The products have the highest measurement range and accuracy in the industry and fulfil all recent international standards and recommendations for SFRA testing.
Advanced diagnostic testing technology
 “We have seen a growing demand for advanced diagnostic testing technology, and the inclusion of the Pax Diagnostics

business enables Megger to provide a complete transformer test solution”, said Greg Wolfe of Megger. “The Pax product line coupled with the expert knowledge of Pax staff enables customers to move toward predictive test regimes, potentially saving time and money as resources can be directed toward where they are needed most”. Natural choice “Megger is a natural choice for Pax”, said Peter Fagerström, CEO for Pax. “Our vision from the start of Pax four years ago was to be a top player in the international power transformer test equipment market. Our products fit perfect with the Megger transformer product portfolio and together we will create the strongest product line in the industry to address end user concerns”.

Adding confidence

“The Megger brand will add confidence to the Pax products,” says Matz Ohlen, marketing and sales director at Pax. “We invented the first DFR/FDS field instrument and now it will carry the Megger brand name, and will be supported through Megger sales and applications staff worldwide”.

Growing demand

There is a clear and growing demand for advanced diagnostic testing, to which the inclusion of PAX Diagnostics compliments Megger’s extensive range of transformer test range of products. The Pax product lines coupled with the expert knowledge of former Pax staff enables customers to move toward predictive test regimes with the capability to detect and diagnose electro-mechanical and insulation problems within power transformers, potentially saving time and money as resources can be directed toward where they are needed most. The technology provides customers with an extensive transformer test offer that will prove invaluable to users who work for transformer OEMs, service companies and power utilities.