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May 2015
Aeolian art for a more beautiful landscape 

Aeolian art for a more beautiful landscape 

01 May 2015

Izzy Fraser-Underhill – Graphic designer

Regular readers of Electrical Tester may recall a piece we included a while back on the way in which transmission towers are being transformed into veritable works of art. This piece explained how environmental and installation artist Elena Paroucheva, who lives and works in France, was using transmission towers as the starting point for a series of sculptures celebrating the connection between energy and the environment. 

Elena is now working on a new project aimed at aeolian (wind-operated) devices, such as wind turbines, which are now appearing across the landscape. Although the aesthetics of these installations has been a source of endless debate for many communities, Elena proposes a novel approach to modifying their appearance. 

She believes that wind turbines could benefit from a makeover whereby their look is humanized and seamlessly integrated into the natural background. Elena plans to apply her artistic skills to the support pillars of wind turbines, so that they end up resembling things like female silhouettes, birds, flowers, people, animals and abstract forms. 

In addition to rural landscapes, Elena plans to introduce these installations in urban areas where entire neighbourhoods could benefit from their energy and, of course, their beauty. The wind sculptures were inspired by the construction of Elena’s pylon module lattice. For the French artist, the construction of these modules is an ode to human progress and creativity. 

In terms of materials used, the structure of the new sculptures is galvanised steel, which is bolted and welded into shape. This ensures the robustness and safety of the installations. As with her previous projects, the choice of turbines is determined in harmony with the landscape and sculpture. Turbines can be used in existing vertical or horizontal axis, so that they complement urban and rural scenery. 

If you would like to learn more about Elena Paroucheva’s exciting new project have a look at her website, which you’ll find at and her blog at http://paroucheva. . 

We will most definitely follow up Elena’s work and keep our readers updated on development of her projects.

All images shown are Copyright of Elena Paroucheva sculpture. 

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