Introducing MOM

03 June 2008

Rickard Jonsson - European sales director

Capable of delivering test currents up to 800 A in its 230 V-powered version, the MOM690 features microprocessor-based measurement, storage and reporting. The built-in software enables users to carry out individual tests or an entire sequence of tests and store the results. Ranges are set automatically, resistance is measured continuously, and the instrument can be arranged to capture results at a preset test current. The MOM690 also provides a high-current AC output that is invaluable for demagnetising CTs after tests have been carried out.

With the optional MOMWin software package, the MOM690 can export results to a PC for detailed analysis and reporting.

Where integral result storage facilities are not required, the MOM600A, which offers test currents up to 600 A is an ideal choice. Featuring a particularly rugged design, this instrument is suitable for use in all environments from the arctic to the tropics and, like all MOM instruments, it is supplied with a set of highly flexible cables and a rugged transport case.

In many applications, test currents up to 200 A are sufficient. In these cases, the MOM200A is a cost-effective option. Weighing only about 14 kg, this instrument is extremely portable, yet it is able to deliver currents up to 100 A for long periods. It also has a measuring range extending to 20 milliohms, make it suitable for measuring many different types of connection.

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