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August 2008
Megger responds to the Chinese disaster

Megger responds to the Chinese disaster

27 October 2008

Following the recent devastating earthquakes and consequent destruction in China, electrical test equipment expert Megger, has announced two major initiatives to aid and support reconstruction.

The first initiative was an immediate 15% reduction on prices of all Megger equipment sold in China for the first three months following the disaster.

The second initiative saw the company donate to the local Red Cross an amount equivalent to 5% of total sales revenue from China after the earthquake, to support the disaster relief efforts. 

“In the face of a human disaster on such a huge scale, we felt that we wanted to do whatever we could to help,” said Ted Kim, Megger’s Sales Manager for North Asia.

“Since our instruments are invaluable in checking out damaged electrical plants and in commissioning replacement plants, we believe that the additional discount we have made a genuinely useful contribution to the work of regenerating the stricken region.”

“In addition,” he continued, “by donating our profits, we have provided a modest, but hopefully useful cash lump sum to fund help in those areas where it is most needed.”

“Megger prides itself on being part of the communities in which it operates, and is always pleased to give something back to those communities, although it would, of course, have been our preference to do so in happier circumstances.”