Electrical Tester Contractor edition
October - November 2017
Made to Measure - Car charging points

Made to Measure - Car charging points

12 October 2017

We say: Assuminging by multi-tester you mean a multifunction installation testers or MFT then the answer depends on the type of MFT you’ve got. Electrical vehicle charge points are no different from any other electrical installation so you test them in line with the latest edition of the IET Wiring Regulations. The only “difference” comes in when you’re testing on-street charging equipment. When this sort of equipment is to be connected to a PME supply, a separate TT earthing system must be provided, and you will need to be able to measure the resistance of the earth electrode.

Some MFTs have facilities for this built in but, if yours doesn’t, you’ll either need to buy a dedicated earth resistance tester, like one of the Megger DET3 models, or get a new MFT. An excellent choice would be Megger’s latest MFT1731 or the new MFT1741 with improved loop testing. These testers offer three different methods for measuring earth electrode resistance, which means that you can always use the right one to match the application.

The newly introduced MFT1741 also offers many other advanced features including a new loop test algorithm and hardware that removes RCD uplift from loop test results and speeds up loop testing on quiet circuits, so you’ll find it saves you a lot of time whatever type of installation you’re working on.