Electrical Tester Contractor edition
December 2015
A little extra with your mighty multimeter from Megger

A little extra with your mighty multimeter from Megger

12 December 2015

Multimeter Megger AVO210Designed specifically to meet the needs of contractors, engineers and technicians looking for a versatile, compact and cost-effective general-purpose digital multimeter, the new AVO210 from Megger provides facilities for measuring AC and DC voltage and current as well as resistance, frequency and capacitance. It also has a continuity function with a fast reaction sounder, and a non-contact voltage-sensing feature that is invaluable when tracing cable runs.

The AVO210 incorporates a compact yet robust case with handgrips at both sides. Together with a carefully positioned function-select switch, this means that the instrument can be easily used with one hand, a feature that maximises user convenience in many testing situations.

As further aids to user convenience, the AVO210 has a simple, intuitive user interface that makes constant reference to the user guide unnecessary, and a large, easy-to-read 2,000-count display.

To maximise operator safety, Megger’s new AVO210 digital multimeter fully meets the requirements of EN 61010 for CAT III 600 V applications, which means that it is suitable for use on all parts of low-voltage installations. It is also supplied, as standard with test leads that have GS38-compliant shrouded tips.

The measurement ranges offered by the AVO210 have been chosen to cover all everyday testing requirements. The instrument measures DC voltage up to 1,000 V, AC voltage up to 750 V and both DC and AC current up to 10 A. The resistance range extends to 20 MΩ, the capacitance range to 2,000 µF, and the frequency range to 20 MHz. By default, all functions are auto-ranging, but manual range selection can be easily enabled when required.

AVO210 caseFurther extending the usefulness of the AVO410 are a maximum and minimum function that is an important aid to tracing intermittent faults, and a data hold function that provides a convenient way of retaining a measurement when, for example, the results are being copied to reports and certificates.

And at this time of year Megger is happy to give you a bit more.

Megger will send you a FREE pouch, worth £19, to keep your AVO210 in, if you purchased it between 1st December 2015 and 29th February 2016. Just attach a copy of your invoice to the email generated when you click here with your name and address details. If you want to claim by post send the proof of purchase and your details to AVO210 offer, Megger Limited, Archcliff Road, Dover CT17 9EN. All claims must be received before the end of March 2016.