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August 2016
Taking hand-held insulation testing to 2.5 kV

Taking hand-held insulation testing to 2.5 kV

09 August 2016

In response to customer demand for a dependable and versatile handheld insulation tester capable of operating at up to 2.5 kV, portable test equipment specialist, Megger, has introduced its new MIT2500 instrument, which offers accurate measurements up to 200 GΩ.

2.5 kV hand-held insulation tester - Megger MIT2500

The MIT2500 insulation tester has feedback-stabilised test voltages to ensure that tests are always carried out to Megger’s market leading tight specification. The MIT2500 also incorporates a guard terminal that makes it possible to compensate for the effects of surface leakage currents.

Designed to offer long reliable service even when used in tough on-site conditions, MIT2500 insulation tester features rugged construction, with resilient rubber over-moulding, and an IP54 protection rating. Designed from the outset with safety in mind, they incorporate live circuit detection and protection functionality, and they have a CATIV 600 V safety rating in line with IEC 61010.

Typical applications for Megger’s new 2.5 kV insulation tester include testing of cables, motors and generators. In addition, as users can adjust the test voltage in 10 V steps from 100 V to 2.5 kV, the instrument can also be used for testing electrical installations, verifying the ESD of materials and testing of control panels, to name but a few.

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