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August 2015
Calculating cable size is a bit of a pain?

Calculating cable size is a bit of a pain?

08 August 2015

You asked: I was asked to fit a power shower the other day, and it was a real pain to work out the cable size and the voltage drop to make sure that the installation complied with the Wiring Regs. In fact, I always hate doing cable calculations. Is there an easy way?

We say: If you’ve got a smartphone, you’re in luck!

Cable Calc+ app from Megger

Megger has an app called Cable Calc+, which does exactly what you want. Better still, it’s absolutely free to download and use, and it even works without an Internet connection. Once it’s installed, all you need to do is enter the cable type, ref method, the maximum load in kW or watts and the cable length in metres. The app will instantly calculate and display the minimum cable size, the voltage drop - in volts and as a percentage - and the load current in amps. To save you time, the supply voltage defaults to 230 V, but you can change this if you need to. As with all cable calculators you should check the results against the cable manufacturer’s data and relevant regulations. Bonus features of Cable Calc+ include a brief guide to Megger’s contractor products and a couple of videos showing what happens when their testers are abused! You’ll find Cable Calc+ in the Apple App Store and on the Android Market.

The Apple version of this useful app can be downloaded FREE by clicking here

The Android version can be downloaded by clicking here 

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