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MFT-X1 Wins Design Award

MFT-X1 Wins Design Award


The award, backed by the worldwide International Awards Associate (IAA) organisation, recognises the application of innovative design to achieve practical results that deliver significant real-world benefits.

Among the key features taken into account by the expert judges when selecting the MFT-X1 for this important award were the full-colour screen, which complements the instrument’s intuitive user interface; the versatile configurator for RCD testing, which reduces testing time by allowing users to customise the automatic RCD test routine to suit their own needs; and TrueLoopTM technology, with the patented Megger Confidence Meter, for loop impedance measurements.

The TrueLoopTM technology, unique to Megger products, is particularly impressive. In normal conditions, loop impedance measurements are made much more quickly than with conventional instruments. In conditions where high levels of electrical noise are present, it enables reliable loop impedance results to be obtained when other instruments deliver inaccurate measurements or no results at all.

“We’ve always known that we had a winner with the MFT-X1,” said Steve Marsh of Megger, “as it sets new standards for safety, performance and convenience in so many areas. Even so, we’re delighted to have the excellence of its design recognised with this prestigious MUSE award. We understand that there was stiff competition, so it’s evident that the innovative features of the MFT-X1 made a big impression on the judges as they do on our customers. The MFT-X1 is not only an award winner, but it’s also proving its credentials by making a big impression in the marketplace.”

Megger will continue to showcase the MFT-X1 at industry events and electrical wholesalers throughout 2023 and push to become the best selling MFT of all time!