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Megger unites turns ratio and winding resistance testing

Megger unites turns ratio and winding resistance testing

MWA330A testing in TTR mode

To save time and money for engineers and technicians whose work involves testing single- and three-phase power transformers, Megger has launched its new MWA300 range of transformer winding analysers. These innovative instruments combine facilities for turns ratio testing and winding resistance measurement in a single compact unit, delivering benefits that include portability, reduced set-up time, increased safety, and enhanced productivity. 

Connections between the transformer under test and the instrument need only be made once to carry out the full range of ratio and resistance tests. This not only saves time, but also reduces the inconvenience of having to make separate connections for each test, especially when the transformer connection points are difficult to access.

Innovative design and the use of the latest technology means that the MWA300 is 55% smaller and 40% lighter than individual testing instruments with the same functionality. And, as only one set of leads is required, it offers an ideal and readily portable solution for engineers wishing to quickly diagnose transformers located in the field or on manufacturing sites.

In addition to carrying out turns ratio and winding resistance tests, the MWA300 can be used to measure magnetic balance and flux distribution, excitation current, polarity and phase angle deviation. Loose connections, turn-to-turn shots, broken strands, winding deformation, tap changer contact and timing problems, as well as overheating can also be identified with this versatile instrument. 

Designed with safety in mind, the MWA300 has an integral core demagnetization function, which automatically demagnetises the core after DC testing. This ensures operator safety and eliminates the problems that can result if a transformer is re-energised after testing with the core in a magnetized condition.

For processing and analysing test results, the MWA300 series uses Megger’s popular PowerDB package as a single software platform, saving the user additional time with only one set-up and one easy-to-use test form.

The MWA300 has been designed for use in conjunction with a Windows PC running PowerDB. The range also includes the MWA330A, which provides the same test functionality as the MWA300 but includes an integrated industrial PC with a 12-inch colour touchscreen. This makes the MWA330A a particularly attractive all-in-one solution and, since the on-board PC has large storage capacity for results, it facilitates on-site comparison of current and historical test data.

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