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BS7671:2018 Amendment 1 Statement

BS7671:2018 Amendment 1 Statement












Megger Limited would like to address the claims made by a test equipment importer regarding the additional need for Volt Drop measurement and Power Quality Analysis in Amendment 1 of BS7671:2018.

These claims have been made on Social Media, at Exhibitions, within On-Line Forum sites as well as a printed statement distributed amongst the wholesaler community. These claims are unsubstantiated and false.

The 17th Edition Wiring Regulations already included a reference to Volt-Drop and defined that this could be obtained either through measurement or calculation. This has not changed within the 18th Edition.

Power Quality was also detailed within the 17th Edition and remains within the 18th Edition, however, it is remains only as an informative part of the regulations under Energy Efficiency. There is no requirement to measure PQ given that BS7671:2018 relates to the safety of an electrical installation.

The IET have advised that ‘with regards to the content of a future amendment 1 of BS7671:2018, this has still to be agreed’.

Given that the IET are yet to agree the content, it appears that the statements being published are attempting to misinform the Electrical Contractor and Electrical Wholesaler Industry in an effort to promote an item of test equipment they have imported. By default, the statements imply that most of the current Multifunction Testers on the market would fail to comply with all testing requirements once Amendment 1 is released and we need to clarify that this is absolutely not the case.

The Megger range of Multifunction Testers - which are designed and manufactured at our site in Dover - along with all other manufacturers 17th Edition compliant MFT’s, continue to be suitable for  testing and certification of electrical installations to the 18th Edition.