Pil 8

Cable and phase identifier

  • Maintenance-free transceiver clamps
  • Suitable for any type of switchgear
  • Requires only one person
  • Easy operation
  • Absolute safe phase identification

The PIL 8 cable and phase identifier permits a fast and safe phase determination at the jointing location during the mounting of medium voltage cables and is suitable for any type of switchgear.

DIN VDE 0105 0100 part 2 (EN 50110-1) from Oct. 1997, Pos. Topic 3 (Page 12) states: “... If the earthing or shorting has to be removed for the duration of measurements or tests, suitable other safety measures have to be taken.” Such safety measures take a lot of effort and are not always practical, however the PIL 8 needs the ground, or shorting, to not be removed. On the contrary, this grounding is an essential part of the procedure, which means, the cable must be grounded and shorted for the system to work with the result that test is absolutely safe.

For each phase, the PIL 8's transceiver clamp is installed on the grounded cable end and then, at the selection point, each phase is identified and marked. The instrument is easy to operate and only requires on person to do the test.