Water leak detection

Water leak detection

Water leak detection

SebaKMT is Megger’s water leak detection specialist. The aim of all SebaKMT solutions in this area is to avoid large excavations and the associated effort, and to limit the work exactly to the area where the leak is located. SebaKMT products help you in three areas:

Zone measurement / monitoring
Zone measurements in a drinking water network make it possible for losses to be quantified. In this process, pressure/flow measurements and level/frequency measurements are used to determine areas in which leaks have occurred.

The pre-location or circling in on the water leak is done by listening to directly accessible contact points, such as hydrants or valves. Pre-locating leaks works on the principle of ‘the louder, the closer’ and ‘the quieter, the further away’. After the zone measurements, the possible location of the leak is narrowed down with pre-location.

Pinpoint location
To conclude leakage pinpointing, SebaKMT offers three quite different technologies (ground microphones, tracer gas detectors and correlators).

For details on SebaMKT water infrastructure products visit the SebaKMT website.