PowerDB™ Pro

Acceptance & Maintenance Test Data Management Software

Product Documents
  • Software de PC basado en Windows disponible en tres versiones
  • Hace interfaz a instrumentos a través de RS232 Serial, Ethernet, o memoria enchufable flash USD (dependiendo del instrumento)
  • Permite al usuario arreglar rutinas de prueba antes de la prueba
  • Permite análisis, comparación y tendencia de datos
  • El usuario puede personalizar la Interfaz del Usuario (vista de formulario de prueba) con el ONBOARD y versiones Full

The Megger PowerDB is a powerful software package providing data management for each of your acceptance and maintenance testing jobs.

Customer and contract information is quickly sorted and searched. Opening a specific record shows detailed information about the job, such as type of service, order date, sales contact, and invoice information. Job information and related test results can be transferred between field-use databases and a master database. Job and Device Productivity Reports track the time spent testing, which aids in bidding future jobs as well as personnel evaluation.

Test Forms

Designed from a ground up approach, PowerDB utilizes over 160 industry standard test forms that have been developed and used over 20 years by industry specialists. Test data entry screens and printed forms are identical allowing intuitive operation. What you see on the screen is what is printed in the reports. Entire test documentation packages consisting of test reports, comment & deficiency summaries, table of contents and field service reports are created with a single step. Once created, reports can be delivered electronically via email, CD-ROM, web server or Adobe® Acrobat®.

Test forms are designed for the majority of the electrical apparatus on the market today.