220000 series

70,120, and 160 kV DC dielectric test sets

  • Lightweight air-insulated high-voltage DC test set „
  • Maximum safety for operator according to IEC61010 „
  • Clear control panel layout „
  • Intuitive and easy-to-follow test sequence „
  • Quick sheet with set-up and operating instructions in instrument lid „
  • Digital voltage and current metering „
  • Robust mechanical enclosure design for control unit and high voltage module

The 220000 series of 70,120, and 160 kV DC dielectric test sets are high voltage instruments that provide the most dependable, portable, DC high voltage sources for checking the insulation quality of laminated electrical AC power cables and all types of DC power cables, motors, switchgear, insulators, transformers, and capacitors. The three models described (70,120, and 160 kV) cover a range of output voltages that meet the most commonly specified ratings in 5 kV to 69 kV class cables. All models are suitable for testing power cables, switchgears, and rotating machinery in accordance with IEEE, IPCEA, NEMA and ANSI guidelines.

Each portable set is comprised of two separate modules: the control module and the high voltage module.

The control module allows you to switch-select the appropriate current output range, adjust the output level and monitor both the applied voltage and leakage current at a safe distance from the high voltage being delivered to the load under test. No voltage higher than AC line power is present in the control module.

The high voltage module is an air-insulated high voltage power source that delivers a DC high voltage to the test object. It receives its instruction from the control module. Although a different control module is used with each of the three models, they are all the same size and weight. Each high voltage module is a different size and weight to accommodate the rated output voltage.

The 220000 test sets are used to make proof tests and insulation tests on electrical power cables, motors, switchgears, insulators, transformers, and capacitors. Both types of tests are performed by applying controlled high voltages to the unit under test at or above insulation system operating level. Measuring the leakage current helps determine the unit under test’s ability to withstand overvoltages such as lightning strikes and switching surges.

Please note: the analogue models are no longer available.