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17th Edition and PAT testing

  • Megger installation and industrial test equipment

Megger offers a wide range of tough, high quality hand-held instruments which are used to test electrical wiring and other components in domestic, commercial and industrial facilities and other general business operations to the 17th Edition of the wiring regulations. Applications for these instruments include insulation testing, continuity testing, earth testing, loop testing and RCD testing.

To assist you in testing appliances to the 4th Edition of the code of practice for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment there is a range simple and complex portable appliance tester (PAT). Additionally there is a range of accessories to make jobs more convenient.

With the broadest, most diverse choice of instruments in the industry, Megger is truly your single source for electrical testing needs.


Specialist building wiring test equipment
Associated test equipment

MFT1701 Series - Multifunction tester

TPT320 - Voltage tester

TPT320 - Voltage tester

MFT1730 On-site

MFT1731 On-site - multifunction tester


MPU690 - Proving unit

MIT300 Series - Insulation and Continuity Testers

MIT300 Series - Insulation and continuity testers for electricians



DCM300E - Earth leakage clamp meter

MIT400 - Industrial insulation tester

MIT400/2 Series - Industrial insulation and continuity testers for industrial maintenance

MTB7671-2 - Instrument test box

MTB7671-2 - Instrument test box

Loop testers

LTW Series - Loop testers

Earth testers

DET Series - Earth testers

Residual current testers

RCDT300 Series - Residual current testers


AVO410 - Digital multimeter

MIT200 - Insulation tester

MIT200 Series - Pocket size insulation and continuity tester

DCM310 and DCM 320

DCM300 Series - Digital clamp meter

MTK300 Series

MTK300 Series - Electrical test kits

PVM210 - Irradiance meter

PVM210 - Irradiance meter

 PAT100 Series - Hand-held PAT testers


ETL30 and ETL50 - Extension test lead on reel ETL series

PAT400 series - Portable appliance testers


PAT400 Series - Portable appliance testers


MST210 Socket tester



Powersuite - Software for testing and maintenance

PVK330 - Photovoltaic kit

PVK330 - Photovoltaic kit





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